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Special Inclusive and Integration Programmes

At Our Children’s House, we believe in helping children to improve their communication and social skills to ensure that they can learn better and integrate into a mainstream environment. To achieve this, the school is collaborating with specialist partners, Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay (ISADD) and Therapy Together (speech and occupational therapy) to ensure a coherent and integrated approach to ensure consistent and regular therapy to achieve the best possible results for our children.


Children will be assessed for their readiness in the integration and inclusive programmes by the specialist providers. There will be an In house psychologist to guide these programmes.


The programmes provided are as follows:-

(1) Inclusive Integration Programme

will facilitate the child’s progress within the naturalistic classroom setting, in interacting with his/her peers and in taking instructions. Class ratio is favourable for modelling, social and cognitive skill development.


(2) Speech & Language Therapy

The school can provide an Individualised and holistic assessment by the speech and language therapist, and intervention programmes for preschoolers with speech and language needs, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team in the areas of:

  • language, speech, social communication, AAC, feeding, oral-motor (e.g. SOS feeding therapy; picture communication boards)
  • Documentation, review andreport on the progress of the intervention programmes.
  • Provide informal training to parents/caregivers/educators on the intervention techniques as necessary, within the session.


(3) Occupational Therapy

The school can arrange for an Occupational therapist to assess and design a programme, or use a programme provided by the child’s parents for our therapists and teachers to work with the child on a daily basis. This will help support the child’s progress further.