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Carolyn Li

our-phyHi, I am Carolyn Li, the Director of Our Children’s House International Childcare Centre. I am a fully qualified preschool teacher, and have completed my Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership.
I am also a fully qualified Montessori Directress, with an International diploma in Montessori pedagogy from the Montessori Centre International (London). I have several years’ experience working as a preschool teacher, as well as being a manager at a Montessori preschool.
Previously, I had worked as a lawyer for 7 years in Singapore, before moving to London, UK for 10 years, where I worked extensively with my elder son who was then diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD IV). I have written an article, “Overcoming Autism
Spectrum Disorder- A Mother’s Journey from Diagnosis to Adulthood” which is available online at: autismovercomingparent.blogspot.com/?m=1
I have 2 sons, now 19 and 21 years old. The younger recently graduated from Raffles Junior College with 4 distinctions and now serving his national service. My elder son with the early diagnosis of autism, has graduated from Singapore polytechnic in chemical engineering, and has commenced his chemical engineering course at university. I believe strongly in positive parenting and positive reinforcements to motivate children in their learning. My vision is to see our children develop holistically, in a happy and secure environment. Currently, I am the overall teacher in charge of the toddlers and nursery 1 children’s curriculum.


Nabanita Das Sircar

our-phyI am Nabanita Das Sircar, the centre supervisor fondly addressed by the children as Ms Nabi. I have over 24 years of experience as a preschool educator. I started as a teacher, was promoted to senior teacher, and worked my way to centre principal after 9 years of service.
I have an MSc. in Early Childhood Education from Boston University and did my Montessori training in the United States.
I am a fully qualified Montessori Directress. I have also completed all Early Childhood courses as stipulated by the Ministry of Education in Singapore.
Apart from these, I have undertaken and completed courses in mentoring teachers, and now, I conduct in-house staff training on a regular basis. I am also a qualified trainer for WSQ courses. I oversee our nursery 2 and kindergarten children’s curricula.
I have 2 daughters, aged 20 and 22 years; older one is working as a data scientist after graduating from Yale-NUS College in 2019, and the younger child is pursuing her master’s at Yale University after completing her bachelor’s degree at Oxford University.
I believe, as parents, we are our children’s first teachers. Our involvement in their growth and well- being should encompass their academic as well as social-emotional development. I wish to bring the same zeal for learning and excellence, that my own children have gone through, to the children in our school.

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