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Date: July 2, 2019 Author: OCH Admin Categories: Preschool Serangoon

Our Children’s House, a preschool in Serangoon that works on the developmental curriculum to offer constructive, process-oriented, and cognitive learning. We understand that preschool years follows education from a strategic understanding of skills, concepts, and content.

Preschool children’s content and concepts growth mark the positive engagement of competencies in the later years, we ensure that a child learns the ways to learn from his/her observations and self-discoveries.

What Makes Us Parents Secured and Happy Preschool

We follow the teaching on patience and introspective perspective for a child to learn to listen, try the best, become kind, gentle, and honest, and look after things.

With a happy, secure, and healthy learning school, your children will nurture as the leaders of tomorrow.

Healthy Emphasized Learning

Our Children’s House follows the steps of the belief that children are unique and learning better than any of us. We use holistic, concrete, and hands-on learning in language and literacy.

Our preschool offers an experienced teaching community that builds on a safe and respectful environment in Serangoon.

We Provide the Activities:

  • Dance,
  • Hand-painting,
  • Cycling,
  • Clay Modelling,
  • Story Telling
  • Sandpits;

We Provide, the Meals:

  • Fruits, Dry Fruits, Pulses, Grain and Vegetables,
  • No-Maida, Biscuits, Bread, Toffees, Sugar, Canned Juices, Soft Drinks, and Chocolates.

How We Teach To What We Teach

We begin with approaches to fast-learning then move to social, environment, physical, and health developments. Your child will learn the communication, language, and cognitive skills to interact maturely and creatively in the world.

The structured preschool programme at our preschool in Serangoon prioritize children’s interests, the natural quest for knowledge that they lead to new experiences in investigative and problem-solving explorations.

Passion-Driven Mind Curriculum

Our curriculum engages children in selecting and exploring topics of interest for constructing new knowledge mindful databases.

We follow the language terms of Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, Malay, and English as mother tongues and bilingual learning environment.

Get Your Appointment

We, further, establishes a child’s emotional and physical body language with subject experienced teachers for preschool.

Let’s see you with your child at a preschool in Serangoon with a call or message away. We also provide childcare facility for working parents and families.