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Specialist Providers:

Art with Seedztudio

Art with Seedztudio
Join the weekly Budding Artist Program to nurture your child’s creativity through paints, oil pastels and clay. These progressive lessons allow the child to explore, observe, express and play through the various materials used. The Art lessons will focus on fine motor skills, colour explorations, learning the basic elements of art whilst acquiring self- confidence along the way.

Instructors: Art trained teachers who have graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts or LaSalle College of Art or Early Childhood Education, with experience working with young


Soccajoeys from Australia

Soccajoeys from Australia

Developing skills for life

Soccajoeys programs are designed by industry specialists. We assembled a team of Early Childhood Teachers, Paediatric Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Fitness experts to create innovative active movement programs that can be integrated into the Early Years Learning Framework. Our mission is to help Early Childhood Centres enrich the learning outcomes of their children. We understand each child progresses at their own pace, but every child requires opportunities to increase their gross motor, fine motor, social and cognitive developmental functions with age appropriate and well-structured movement based programs. We want children to foster a love for health and fitness.

“The children at Oz Education Engadine have been participating in the Soccajoeys program for the past 12 months. The children love joining in with the activities they have to offer. Not only are the children getting out and being active but they are also learning to participate in team sports while building their gross motor skills, foot eye coordination and listening skills. We look forward to continually implementing the programs Soccajoeys have to offer in our curriculum.” Lauren Anagnostiadis


Soccajoeys Programs

Established in 2007, Soccajoeys pioneered and formulated the first early childhood soccer specific development program for children in Australia. Soccajoeys has continued to expand into new areas of youth development with our inclusive and tailored programs which are designed for children aged 2-12 years.
We currently deliver our programs to over 15,000 children annually. We are passionate about advocating a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. We are committed and dedicated to supporting the next generation of children to be more active, develop positive lifestyle habits and endeavour to make fitness an integral part of their daily routine.


Our Vision

To enrich the lives of our future generation and ensure that they are given the necessary resources to unlock their true potential. Soccajoeys is dedicated to helping shape a brighter future for children.


Our Sessions

Each session is designed and planned by experts in child movement development. Sessions are delivered taking into consideration the age of the children and groups are created accordingly. Our coaches work with small groups of 10-14 children for 35min per session. We believe working in smaller groups allows our team of qualified coaches to engage all children and we invest time in ensuring each child is completing the skills and immersing themselves in the learning experiences. The sessions include a nutritional talk, warm up, skills, shooting excercises, stretches and end of class discussion.


Our Trainers

Our Trainers

• Early Childhood Qualified Teachers
• Teachers (Primary & Secondary)
• Qualified Coaches
• Trained to work with children with Additional Needs
• Passionate and enthusiastic
• Trained in behaviour management
• Briefed on the EYLF
• Working with children’s Certification
• Senior First Aid
• Nurturing and Supportive


Working With Centres to Achieve Greater Results

Soccajoeys programs are designed to meet the requirement of Australia’s Children’s’ Education and Care Quality Authorities (ACECQA), and we also understand the importance of maintaining the principles of the National Quality Standards (NQS) and ensuing that our programs are in line with the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with Centres, Directors and Early Childhood Educators to guarantee that each child is receiving the highest quality developmental programs. The sessions include a nutritional talk, warm up, skills, shooting excercises, stretches and end of class discussion.


The Importance of the 0-5 Years

In the first five years of life, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their life. The early experiences your child has – the things they see, hear, touch, smell and taste –
stimulate his brain, creating millions of connections. This is when foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down.


The Soccajoeys Experience

Our Team of qualified coaches will be allocated to specific centres for the duration of the program. We are aware of children’s needs to build confidence and trust in new environments. Soccajoeys staff supply all the necessary equipment and tools to deliver our outstanding programs. Our coaches create an inclusive interactive learning environment.
Our Team invest time in each child. We are trained to identify specific areas of development and when children require support we will work with Educators to help that child reach new milestones.


Soccajoeys Benefits

Being physically active every day is fun and fulfilling. The Soccajoeys Program benefits are to:
• Help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
• Build strong bones and muscles.
• Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
• Promote social skills through interactions with people.
• Support brain development.
• Encourage self-confidence and independence.
• We create inclusive and supportive learning environments.


Each program combines Psychomotor learning elements, which when applied increase physical skills such as movement, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed; actions which demonstrate the fine motor skills such as use of precision instruments or tools.


We Help Improve

• Hand eye coordination
• Foot eye coordination
• Throwing
• Movement and agility
• Jumping
• Balance
• Kicking
• Gross motor planning

We Work Towards

• Improving listening
• Concentration
• Becoming involved learners
• Good communicators
• Helping understand thier autonomy

We Encourage

• Cooperating with others
• Persistence
• Self Confidence
• Healthy Eating Practices
• Praising others
• Being Positive




Other In House Enrichment Sessions:

Cookery classes

Children will be exposed to different cooking methods and cuisines. Cookery is a great way to integrate learning from the domains of language, mathematics, creative expression, fine motor skills, as well as their social and emotional development.


Dance and Music

Dancing, singing and playing instruments are good for the children’s overall development.
Physical movement tasks demand full engagement of mind and body” (Armistead, 2007).Singing helps children to recognize the sounds of rhyming words, and the patterns in language.The tempo and steady beats in singing develop pathways to the brain which is important, particularly for reading (Snyder, 1997)
The children also do gardening, rock climbing, yoga exercises and speech and drama.