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Date: July 2, 2019 Author: OCH Admin Categories: Childcare Serangoon

Our Children’s House is every working parent’s childcare support in Serangoon that takes care of children for a full and half day. We believe children need an environment where they can feel free to explore their hobbies and surroundings. Our childcare in Serangoon area organize each child’s schedule, depending on the care system opted, a series of structured activities to ensure play and rest.

A Day in Childcare

For childcare, mornings are always a busy time as some children are school-going and need to dress, eat, and prepare for school. Then, the younger children who need the care to change a diaper, feedings, play, and engagements.

The mid-mornings are usually spent in the routine of the activities for different age-group like a trip to the park, playtime indoors, story-time, or meetings with parents.
By lunch, we are responsible for meals while parents or other family members are away. The caretakers check for water bottles and cook if necessary.

Around afternoon, we prepare young children for nap time as it is crucial for their early emotional growth. After the nap time, caretakers have other activities for children from drawing to playing music to reading.
In the evening, we ensure that the children had their day enjoyed and productively spent before their parents take them home from childcare in Serangoon area.

At, Our Children’s House, babies, and toddlers are welcome for their first childcare in Serangoon area. We understand that working parents feel concerned for their child’s basic needs, like food, personal hygiene, and older children’s homework. However, we maintain our role as a childcare provider in a day-care and preschool, where we focus on academics and babysitting.

Choose Us for Your Children’s Emotional, Cognitive, and Dialectical Developments

We are centered on a clean and safe environment, experienced teachers, and creative caretakers as the childcare support in Serangoon area. Every child needs care and learning, irrespective of cultural background, so we ensure that your child is growing emotionally, physically, and cognitively to fullfil the dreams they see in the world.
Under our care, every child receives a healthy self-concept regardless of parents and family members limited interaction with them. Working parents and families often miss out the self-concept progress and believe in us to build their children’s confidence, communicative abilities, and potential. For further discussions, you can visit or call us.